Web applications

As a software house, we focus on the development of high-performance and ergonomic web applications. We have great experience in developing applications for businesses. The scope of our competence is unlimited. For every project we prepare ourselves by taking a meticulous analysis of competitive solutions.

We treat the assigned tasks with due diligence, trying our best to know the work characteristics in our client's company. We explore the business processes that workers deal with on a daily basis, and then look for software development solutions that improve their workflow.

Dedicated solutions

We develop dedicated solutions precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. We use the best technology available on the market.

During the development process, we perform application analysis for interface ergonomics, capability of algorithms, and user behavior. The experience of our team gives us assurance that the final product will be exactly what the customer expects of us.


"Thursday, Friday, or Sunday – startup working time is All The Time." Nobody knows better than us, what it means to create your own startup. We realize how much dedication is required and how precious is the time of bringing it to life.

The building of our "Nanobuy" startup allowed us to systematize the project creation processes, tailoring it to the startup reality. By choosing Born4Code as your technology partner, you will be guaranteed that we will treat your project as our own.

How do we do that

We based our work on the Agile methodology, which allows to low the risk of project failure. At every stage of the development process, both the designing team and the client are involved, so you always know what is happening. Terms are set in advance, and the first effect of our work is visible after two weeks. The most important 4 advantages of working with us are:

  • Full transparency
    You can control our work for 24 hours. As our client you will have access to the task monitoring system. Thereby you will always know at what stage your project is at the time.
  • High quality
    The design team consists exclusively of experienced specialists who do not know the term "unworkable". We optimize the solution to improve application performance.
  • Timeliness
    The project is controlled by the Project Manager, which continually monitors the execution of tasks. Therefore project is always completed on time.
  • Stability guarantee
    Once you have completed the software development process, you can still count on our support. Born4Code grants a 12-month warranty for each project. During this time, any defects that are noticed while everyday using are eliminated.

Our projects

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Service created for companies which need limited programming support.

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