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Mobile app


The problem was the lack of a mobile application that could have supported sales and customer service. We faced a great challenge of meeting the high standards, while maintaining the style of brands such as: Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat. During the conversation with our client, we jointly determined steps for  increasing customer satisfaction and facilitating interaction between the customer and a car showroom.

Immediately at the beginning of the collaboration, the original assumptions were confronted with potential users, whose feedback led to the appearance of further features.


Our main aim was to improve the customer's interaction with the car showroom, as well as to offer him a continued access to the full, current offer. So the application was integrated with CMS that was created for easy and fast editing of content in mobile applications. Linking with the account on internet service allowed to maintain a full offer of second hand cars.

The mobile app also allows customers to store information about their car. These data enable showroom staff to quickly and efficiently identify client’s needs. In the archives of the car it is possible to collect service accounts. The point was to systematize the information that the owner must own.


By using iBeacon technology, we enabled the customers, currently presented in the showroom, to receive exclusive information and promotions. Entering a selected zone or approaching a particular car, triggers a display of a personalized message that is visible only to the visitors of the showroom.

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