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When starting the project, our client did not have a system that fulfilled the requirements of the company. The vast amount of data used for complex calculations was stored in an Excel file. Over the years, the amount of gathered information grew, causing a slower development of the file. With the new records’ inputting, the risk of losing data (due to overexploitation of Excel) has increased.

The second problem was the lack of data consistency. So far, when entering data, the representation of , which was recorded in a shortened way, employees had to take special care to not make any mistake. The lack of unification of terms and signs caused data discrepancy during analysis.


When analyzing the daily workflow in our client's company, we recognized a number of processes performed by most of the employees. These were:

  • Inputting data to Excel file

  • Analyzing data through intermediate sheets

  • Generating reports manually

The knowledge gained during the scrum meetings allowed us to create an ideal solution that streamlines internal processes.


The result of our work was creation of dedicated web application that, combined with the MySQL database, allowed to systematize the information, which was once in the Excel file. Creation of uniform dictionary and workflow alignment eliminated the risk of error while generating statistics. The application is equipped with an extensive analytical tool, allowing to obtain any compilation.

What we have achieved:

  • Increased security of sensitive data

  • Reduction of risk of data loss through automatic backup mechanisms

  • Higher productivity through the ability to create statistics

  • Ordering the internal processes of the company

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