Do you want to have a multi million company? Do you want to build your own startup? Do you want to be a unicorn? Maybe you have your product already done? But can you sell your idea? If not I think it may be interesting for you.

An idea

Even the biggest companies were started from the idea. You must have it. You must start from it. You must remember it’s not the only one thing you need. Today all of us have thousands of ideas per hour. So why is so little unicorns ($1B+ worth) in startup society? I think it's causing so many people have a problem with selling.

Mainly problems that I hear from our clients are:

  • How to sell it?
  • How to get attention?
  • How to get leads?
  • How to monetize it?


Sell advertising place in your application. It’s not so difficult. Today you can use one of affiliate companies like Zeropark or Tradedoubler. They will help you get advertisers but you need to prepare to questions like “how many users do you have”, “how many users’ growth per month do you predict”. In simple words - you need a number. You will not sell any advertising place if you don’t have a real value - active users.

You can find your own customers which want to get advertising in your app. Maybe you should find some business partners who have products dedicated for target group which you can provide? I will recommend try start with affiliate companies to start making money. When you get information what companies want to have a commercial in your app you can try talking with them directly.

Monetize your customers - first way

If you don’t want to sell advertising place you need to monetize your customer. I want to tell you about three ways that I know to make this. The first of them is email marketing. If you have enough data about your users you can use it to target your email campaigns. In this way, you have to find companies which would like to send emails to your users so again you need to have numbers.

Tell your potential customers how many users do you have. Tell them how much specific data you can provide. It’s very important to analyze users’ behaviors. It helps you make your campaign more specific by selecting only this users who may be interested specific offers. If you do this wrong you can lose your users because of spam. So be careful and use it cleverly.

Monetize your customers - second way

Micro payments is a second way I can recommend you to make money. This way is very popular in games. It’s hard to sell games especially on mobile platform but micro payments are more user-friendly. They get the game for free and can play only for free but you can sell them boost to make this game easier.

Remember if you want to sell things by micro payments it has to be something that helps the user be better than others. So every rankings or competition which you implement in your application is may be a reason to buy some boots and be higher in ranking etc.

Monetize your customers - third way

Last way is period payments to get access to the application. I want to separate this way to another two ways: good and bad.

When do I think it’s a bad way? 

Today we can find almost everything for free. If your app hasn’t one two or three features but it’s monthly payment and I can have exactly the same features in a free app with micro payments then users never buy from you.

When do I think it’s a good way?

If you have exclusive content which can’t be found on the internet (in a legal way). For example, Netflix is a good example of the application which provides perfect content which I want to see in a legal way. For me, it’s one of few applications which I pay with a smile. They make really good content which is exclusive so I want to support them.