Are you consistent? Are your employees consistent? Do you know that people who are consistent are more effective? It’s because to make an effect you have to do things done regularly. It doesn’t matter you have a plan for your business if you execute it in 50%! I want to show you how simple (very simple) solution based on kid’s toy could help you and your employees to be more consistent.

You can learn new habits

If it’s not your habit you have to learn it. Within 30 days of regularly making the particular thing you can say “it’s my habit”. Today your problem is you can’t do that because you are not consistent - it’s a vicious circle. On the internet you can find a lot of tutorials “How to build a habit” but it wouldn’t help you because the problem is in you. If you have to change yourself you can’t do that alone.

How to motivate and watch over yourself?

I think you can’t. Remember you are not consistent so you can’t watch over yourself regularly. You will start to do that and I am sure you will stop after 1 week. I found a simple solution which could help you build your habits. It’s a motivation board and it’s a kid’s toy. You can buy it in many toy’s shops for 10-20$. Here you have an example:

So how you should use that. You have to build a list of your future habits. It can be something like writing a blog post once a week, making 50 calls monthly to new clients or maybe reading 3 blog posts per day to learn something new. There are three important things which are required to make your new habits.

  • You have to plan it in period of time
  • You have to set a prize for yourself for these things
  • Involve someone to watch your progress

2 ways how to use this method in real life

  • You can buy this toy ( and use it manually. Put it in a place where you watch mostly to don’t forget about it. You have to see it all the time.
  • Use Google calendar to place things in time and to know when you must do that!