Wojciech Dasiukiewicz

How a kid’s toy can help you in business

Are you consistent? Are your employees consistent? Do you know that people who are consistent are more effective? It’s because to make an effect you have to do things done regularly. It doesn’t matter you have a plan for your business if you execute it in 50%! I want to show you how simple (very simple) solution based on kid’s toy could help you and your employees to be more consistent.

Wojciech Dasiukiewicz

How to monetize your idea

Do you want to have a multi million company? Do you want to build your own startup? Do you want to be a unicorn? Maybe you have your product already done? But can you sell your idea? If not I think it may be interesting for you.

Wojciech Dasiukiewicz

Do you really need an investor?

Of course startups need money to grow. However, is betting on one card and persistent search for a wealthy “guardian angel” is the only way to finance the venture?

Wojciech Dasiukiewicz

Must be or nice to have - how to plan a startup

It is hard not to notice a startup boom effect. Unfortunately still, few of these initiatives are reaching the point where the investment brings real profits. What do we do to make our startup survivor and what is more important – make it a source of satisfaction and income? Planning and planning again.

Wojciech Dasiukiewicz

MVP doesn’t work? You’re doing it wrong

The minimum viable product is a concept of which meaning has been slightly distorted. Hence the failures of startups, and even companies with a well-established market position, investing too much time and resources in adapting a product that ultimately may not find a buyer at all. What exactly is the problem?