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We are a software house
with unlimited possibilities.

We have the trust of the greatest

  • Audi Centrum Gdańsk

On a daily basis, we help our clients make the best IT choices. When you work with us, you do not get just another subcontractor, you receive a reliable technology partner. We treat problems of our customers very seriously, doing our best to find the right solution.

Our priorities are:

  • Delivering high performance software on time.
  • Helping solve all our customers' problems.
  • Taking care of continued development and high morale of the team.

  • Knowing the newest trends in graphical interfaces.

We follow the B4B (business for business) principle. This means that we treat your success as our own.


Success require best team.
We have it.

Wojciech Dasiukiewicz

CEO & Co-Founder

Łukasz Szlanga

COO & Co-Founder


Backend Developer


Graphic Designer


Frontend Developer


Graphic Designer




Java/Android Developer


iOS Developer


Backend Developer


Accurate action plans allow us
to achieve our goals


  • Talk to us to make sure we want to help you reach your goals.

  • You can ask countless questions. We will answer all your doubts.

  • Trusting the technology partner is important when making key decisions in your business.
  • You can check us at any time by asking for feedback from our current customers.


  • We will plan all the tasks needed to achieve the goal.
  • We will present an accurate plan of action and deadlines.
  • When planning a project with us, you know every cost.
  • The work entrusted to our team will always be done on time.


  • You have full insight into progress. You always know what is happening.
  • You can verify the effect of our actions at any time.
  • When you work with us, you always have a professional Project Manager.
  • There is no risk of wasting time. We keep full time records.


  • After launching the project we do not leave you alone.
  • We will help you when operating the software.
  • We will provide full technical support.
  • We will show how to improve your project to make it perfect.

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Service created for companies which need limited programming support.

We help You solve your problems. Our Project Manager will take care of deadlines and solutions which You need.

Leave us your email. We will contact with you within 8h at most.